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  Smoolak a279f480ad Added further functions for data manipulation and optimized the ones already in place 1 year ago
  Smoolak d02003c0aa Added utility functions to get a column byte offset from the header name 1 year ago
  Smoolak f9a6d0248d Added a function to synchronize a pud file with a black box file with the best precision possible 1 year ago
  Smoolak e7f2d31568 Fixed the cmake install prefix in the installation instructions 1 year ago
  Smoolak 79cfbc6e04 Fixed C++ compatibility issues with _Thread_local 1 year ago
  Smoolak 012da51d07 Moved the cmake building to build/ 1 year ago
  Smoolak 639118f128 Error reporting for unknown types. 1 year ago
  Smoolak 9ceba04b3f Added the LGPLv3 license 1 year ago
  Smoolak 533dc279bb Fixed the description of the library in the readme 1 year ago
  Smoolak 9a2a01763d Added minimal information to the readme 1 year ago
  Smoolak 4711257585 Temporary release without license 1 year ago
  Smoolak c67d7e1702 Initial commit 1 year ago